Parco d'Oro - E



Parco d'Oro - E, Ascona


The Parco d’Oro is located in a former vineyard, directly above the centre of Ascona (TI). The steeply sloping terrain is accessible via the Scalinata della Ruga. The historic vineyard path leads over numerous stairs into the idyllic, loosely cultivated landscape with numerous shady trees. Directly above the site is Monte Verità, which became world-famous a hundred years ago as the focus for supporters of a healthy, liberated lifestyle.


The Residenza Parco d’Oro offers 14 luxury apartments with 2 ½ to 6 rooms in six detached buildings. They are embedded in a park landscape and correspond to the upper middle segment. The architecture is based on the existing topography, which is characterised by a fairly flat terrain on the mountainside that turns into a steep slope. The outlines avoid right angles to match the natural contour lines. The building on the valley side is positioned alongside the slope with its terraces open to the lake. Punctiform buildings are situated in the upper, flatter part of apartments oriented more towards the nearby park landscape.

The backbone of the facility is a central staircase and walkway system. Analogous to the Scalinata della Ruga, it runs in angular stages and provides access to the park. At the edge of the path, the architects created exciting room sequences with the character of narrow streets and public areas. All buildings have underground access to the shared underground car park accessed from the hillside with a total of 34 parking spaces.

The size and layout of the houses correspond to the buildings in the neighbourhood. They blend in harmoniously with the area. The architecture also transports the topography into the apartments. In addition to providing a view of the lake and the mountain landscape, this also creates a reference to the surrounding area. Residents experience the contrast of close and distant views and a majestic panorama, and a sense of security provided by the setting between old trees.

High-quality materials create living spaces with individual character. The six buildings were furnished with various natural stone and wood floors. Doors and built-in furniture in differently treated oak and elegant kitchen surfaces provide a reservedly luxurious ambience. The living rooms are characterised by large, sliding door elements and all-glass railings in laminated glass. This creates an unobstructed transition to the environment.


A geothermal system generates heat for heating and hot water. All apartments can be controlled separately and individually. Heat distribution in the apartments is handled by efficient underfloor heating with individual room regulation.